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DaisyIt's Daisy !!!
Daisy's Turn-on's:
  • Sleeping
  • Eating
  • Running
  • Sniffing
  • Drooling
Daisy's Turn-off's:
  • Fetching the paper
  • Mailmen
  • Cats who don't have a sense of humor
  • Cats who do have a sense of humor
Submitted by Lorraine of Dover, DE
Favorite outfit...

Submitted by Eugenia of Hot Springs, AR
Other outfits...

I need Visine.

When was your first French Slobber?

Smart is sexy!
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Strangest position...

This is Gidget

stretching after a nap.


Submitted by
Sam of Dayton, OH

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On March 16, my daughter Wanda was playing in the tool shed. Suddenly I heard a loud crash and a gasoline engine starting up. As I came running out of the house, I tripped on the garden hose and was hopelessly ensnarled. I could hear Wanda calling to me, "It's alive! The Mower! It's trying to get me!"

Well, just as I was about to give up all hope, Spot comes leaping out of the second story window and splashes right into the pool. He swims to the edge, climbs out, sprints to the tool shed, and crashes through the door. Less than five seconds later, out comes spot dragging Wanda by her nape. And it was just in a nick of time, as the next moment, the mower completely inhaled the entire tool shed and went on to rampage through the neighborhood before being subdued by police. If it wasn't for Spot, Wanda would've been bagged! Thanks Spot!

Submitted by Louise of Bangor, ME
The value

Our 2 yr old Bichon, Buddy (The Boody Boody), has free roam of our fenced-in backyard. The gates at the sides of the house are always closed but only one is wired shut. We let Buddy out to do whatever and as usual he just ran around barking at the falling leaves. His barking was becoming more excited and I decided to look out my kitchen window to see if he had cornered some poor possum (his favorite prey). What I saw was an open gate and Buddy racing through it toward the driveway on his way to our VERY busy county road. I dropped my phone, called to my husband, leaped over the barrier gate to the dining room, threw open the front door and yelled "Buddy!" just as his paws were on the sidewalk. He stopped immediately and my husband ordered him into the backyard. He listened dutifully this time (not always the case) but he kind of figured that he wasn't supposed to be where he was. He came inside where we hugged him for hours (he didn't complain). That night we wired the gate shut. It's the front door from now on. A little inconvenience is worth our best little friend's safety.

- Joyce and Andy G


Bill & Buford
Submitted by Burt of Greensboro, NC

Stewart & Ellis

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