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The PLAYDOGallery BARKives #3

Whitey & Blackie
Two guesses which is which.

It's a good thing
opposites attract!

Why the long face?
Michael & Becker

Joined at the hip

A new angle

Any more excitement could lead to an explosion!
   Arrow & Hank

"I'm brown, you brown?"
"Yip, I'm brown."

My name is neither Jack nor Russell.
And stop calling me Shirley.
(an obscure reference to the movie Airplane)


From Brooklyn, NY
   Little Bit

"Wake up and smell the...
well, you know."
From Cimarron, KS

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A real letter about a PLAYDOG far across the sea in Spain!
Translated from Spanish to English...PLAYDOG Barks all languages!

HELLO This story is real,

In the middle of a great flood, while some men and women decided to sack, to damage and to loot, a hero who will never know his heroism rescued 37 people over 3 days. It is Orión, a Rottwieller dog that learned to swim in the rivers of Avila near their old Great Hill house, in Tanaguarena, and whose nobility will last forever.

The morning of Thursday 16 of December, Mauricio Perez Mercado and his wife Aída Touseda were forced to approach the helicopter that rescued them from the ceiling of their house and to leave their dogs, Orión, Alpha and their eight puppies. "I cried when I saw how Orión sat howling on the house. The previous night was very scary, to the point that took us to the roof", says Aída.

Two days later, Perez Mercado - a pilot - listened to the news of a dog that had rescued two children. Soon after, a neighbor told me that he had seen Orión. "With a neighbor and a friend we went by helicopter to look for the dogs. I found them across the river from our house. We threw ourselves to the floor and Alpha, Orión and I cried of the emotion", said Perez Mercado.

It was then when he knew the feats of this dog. Its first rescue was a girl of 8 years - today orphaned who was holding on to a piece of wood in the river. "The dog took her arm in its mouth. People shouted because they thought that it was going to attack. But the girl understood what was happening and she welcomed it." Soon after, a 14 year old who tried cross the river was saved byOrión.

When the neighbors saw what the dog was doing, they saw how many could be helped across the river. Holding Orión by the neck, 35 men, women, and children (one at a time) crossed the river to safety.

Perez Mercado also received calls about how Orión guided people to safety. Sadly, Orión died in the catastrophe. But today and forever, life smiles to him.

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Ahoy Mates!!!
From Naperville, IL

Technicolor yawn?
   Mercy & Blitzen

Excuse us please!
Martha & Stanley

"What are the neighbors doing with that scratching post, Stanley?"
"I don't know, Martha. I just don't know."
   Aesop & Grimm

"Think there's anything to our left?"
-Wading River, NY
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