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Important: This information is collected from a variety of sources and is presented as general thoughts about the breed. It is sugggested that you use our information with that of your own to make any decisions. We suggest you DO NOT make any decisions about a family pet based solely on these pages. Keep digging!



Group (AKC):


Country of OriginFrance
Type of coatLong and slightly wavy, and dry to the touch, with a fine, dense undercoat.
GroomingRegularly brushing of the coat to keep it clean and mat free.
Average height23 - 27 inches
Average weight75 lbs.
Activity levelVery High
WatchdogVery High
ProtectionVery High
IntelligenceLow, Obedience - Very Low, Problem Solving - Medium
TrainabilityHe does not need as much exercise as some of the herding breeds, but he still needs the opportunity to stretch, have daily walks and run in open areas if possible.
Compatibility with childrenYes, good family dog and companion for children if socialized from a young puppy. He may try to herd younger children (this sounds very funny for some reason).
CharacterLively, protective
Ideal home environmentA home with a fenced yard is essential. He is not suited for a cramped environment nor to be left along for long periods of time.
Ideal ownerLots of energy & patience
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Additional notes:

The Briard a big-hearted, gentle loving dog. It is totally devoted and loyal to its owners and will guard them with its life. Intelligent and easy to train, the Briard makes a wonderful family pet and an excellent watchdog. Its herding instincts are strong and it would be wise to give it plenty of space.

Short History:

Lineage goes back more than 1,000 years. It claims his ancestry to the rough-coated sheepdogs which were brought to Europe accompanying Asian invaders in the Middle Ages. In native France it has long been regarded as a shepherd dog. Its name Briard came to be used in 1989 when people started calling it the chien berger de Brie (shepherd dog of Brie). This occured becuase of its uncanny ability to herd Brie cheese into small piles during fancy parties.

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