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(distant cousin of the pomegranate)

Country of OriginGermany
Type of coatLong, straight and harsh with a soft, fluffy undercoat.
GroomingDaily brushing of the long double coat is needed to prevent matting. Monthly bathing is recommended. Shedding is once or twice a year. Clean eyes, ears and teeth regularly.
Average height8 - 11 inches
Average weight3 - 7 lbs.
Activity levelIndoor - Very High, Outdoor - Medium
WatchdogVery High
ProtectionVery Low
IntelligenceHigh, Obedience - Very Low, Problem Solving - High
Compatibility with childrenHe may not tolerate young children.
CharacterFriendly, active, lively
Ideal home environmentApartment or house, city or country.
Ideal owner He thrives in a busy family atmosphere and loves to be pampered. Makes an excellent companion for the elderly.
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Additional notes:

The Pomeranian is a natural extrovert enjoying the company of human or canine companionship. This makes it one of the most popular Toy breeds. It adores being pampered (but not wearing Pampers). It loves to be petted but also loves to be active and playful. It is an affectionate and faithful little dog who makes an excellent companion.

Short History:

It is known to have existed around the eighteenth century in Germany. It resembles the much larger sled-pulling Spitz-type dogs from the Arctic Circle, which it is said to have descended from. It was first introduced to Britain in the 19th century weighing around 30 lbs. After several appeals from different Pomeranian clubs, the breed Standard was reduced to 7 lbs. It is said that Queen Victoria was much taken with the breed and had a number of the larger variety in her kennels.

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