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Group (AKC):



Country of OriginHungary
Type of coatDense and weatherproof; outer coat wavy or curly, undercoat soft and wooly; correct proportion of each creates the desired cords.
GroomingThe coat does not shed but requires special grooming. From time to time the cords should be separate by your fingers. The fluffy coat needs to be brushed and combed to prevent mats from forming. Always dampen the coat before working with it. Bathing can take up to a couple of hours, and then it should be dried afterwards.
Average height14 - 19 inches
Average weight20 - 40 lbs.
Activity levelHigh
WatchdogVery High
Protection Very High
IntelligenceHigh, Obedience - Low, Problem Solving - High.
TrainabilityHe is very intelligent and may be bored by training sessions.
Compatibility with childrenYes, will try to herd them (that sounds extremely funny).
CharacterResponsive, obedient, agile.
Ideal home environmentA house with a yard is preferable or a rural area. They are not suited for hot climates.
Ideal ownerThe owner of a Puli should be a strong, competent leader who has time to train, socialize with, exercise, and groom the Puli.
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Additional notes:

The Puli (plural Pulik - seriously!) is a compact, square-appearing, well-balanced dog of medium size. It is vigorous, alert, loving, fun, and funny. Despite its appearance, the Puli is no pushover and if given the chance, it will put any self-respecting human to shame. Used successfully as police dogs in Hungary, they make great companions. Puppies are highly intelligent and quick to learn.

Short History:

A national treasure to the Hungarians, the Puli was brought across by the Magyars when they invaded the country. Similar to the Tibetan Terrier except in color, it is said that the Tibetan Terrier may have been foundation stock (and an essential ingredient to a mighty fine broth, as well). Used as sheepdogs in Hungary along side the larger Komondor, the Puli was the smaller dog and would round up the strays while the Komondor stood guard. This also made the Puli an important team member in games of Capture-the-Flag.

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