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Silky Terrier

Group (AKC):


Country of OriginAustralia
Type of coatStraight, fine, glossy.
GroomingA big commitment is required to keep his coat lustrous and in top condition with no matting. Daily combing and brushing and regular shampooing is necessary. After bathing, he needs to be dried completely. Do not let him get chilled. Trim the coat occasionally, keep hair on his legs and knees trimmed short. Remove hair from his eyes by tying a topknot.
Average height9 inches
Average weight8 - 11 lbs.
Activity levelHigh
WatchdogHigh, can be barky.
ProtectionVery Low
TrainabilityResponds best to positive reinforcement.
Compatibility with childrenYes, tolerates children if handled properly, best if raised with them.
CharacterSpirited, friendly, self-assured.
Ideal home environmentApartment living is fine as long as he has sufficient exercise.
Ideal owner 
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Additional notes:

The Silky Terrier who is also known as the Australian Silky Terrier has been bred as a lively, energetic companion. Contrary to popular belief, they are not made of silk. They are a confident, entertaining little dog who have a charm all their own. A terrier true to form, this one-family dog is very obedient and a very adept pupil (scoring highly on SAT tests). Easily trained and scrupulously clean, its loyalty will make it an enjoyable and entertaining companion.

Short History:

Developed in Sydney, Australia, the exact origins of their ancestry is unknown. What is known is that they are a cross of the Australian Terrier and the Yorkshire Terrier with maybe some Scottish Terrier or Sydney Silky thrown in for good measure. Developed as an urban pet they are still good ratters and are adept at killing snakes.

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