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Sussex Spaniel

Group (AKC):

(eh - heh heh - that says "sporting")

Country of OriginGreat Britain
Type of coatAbundant and flat, without a tendency to curl; ample weather-resistant undercoat.
GroomingRegular grooming with a brush or comb is required to maintain his beautiful, shiny coat. Keep ears clean, trim pads of feet.
Average height15 - 16 inches
Average weight40 - 50 lbs.
Activity levelMedium
IntelligenceMedium, Obedience - Low, Problem Solving - Low
TrainabilityHe has a mind of his own, but he is a quick learner. Be consistent in your training. Early obedience training and socialization are important.
Compatibility with childrenYes, especially if raised with them.
CharacterDetermined, friendly
Ideal home environmentCan live outdoors as long as warm shelter is provided. Best suited for a home with a fenced yard.
Ideal ownerAn owner of a Sussex Spaniels must have time to groom and exercise him.
Links and resources
  • Sussex Spaniel Club of America
    Correspondence Secretary, Sylvia Schlueter, 383 Blane Ct., Dawson, IL 62520
  • Greater Chesapeake Sussex Spaniel Club
    Secretary, Erin Miller, 4 Boulder View Lane, Front Royal VA 22630, (540)-635-9814, stncrft@shentel.net

Additional notes:

The Sussex Spaniel is an excellent hunting buddy. They are long and low, rectangular (to a point), and massive in appearance. They tend to look somber and serious, although no one knows if maybe they're constantly giggling inside. Probably not though. Unique to this breed is the rich golden liver color coat (almost kidney-colored) and a lower energy level than most spaniels. A good house dog and family pet, the Sussex is soft and affectionate with a placid outlook on life.

Short History:

Originating from Sussex in southern England it is said they are a cross with the Clumber Spaniel and Bloodhound. Credit for the breed is given to Mr. Fuller of Rosehill, Sussex in 1795. The Sussex Spaniel was mainly used to hunt partridge and pheasant. "Pheasant" is a kind of funny word, isn't it?

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