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Welsh Springer Spaniel

Group (AKC):


Country of OriginWales
Type of coatStraight and flat, silky in texture; some feathering on chest, underside of body and legs.
GroomingRegular brushing with a stiff bristle brush twice a week. Shedding is twice a year and needs extra attention. Bathe or dry shampoo when necessary. Occasional professional grooming is desirable. Check ears for grass seeds and any other signs of infection. Trim hair between toes and keep nails clipped.
Average height18 - 19 inches
Average weight35- 45 lbs.
Activity levelIndoors - High, Outdoors - Very High
ProtectionMedium - Low
IntelligenceHigh, Obedience - Medium, Problem Solving - Medium
TrainabilityPuppies need to be kept as close to people as possible for socialization. Obedience training and retrieval exercises can be started at six months of age. He has a tendency to wander and needs training to prevent wandering.
Compatibility with childrenYes, gentle with children.
CharacterAttentive, friendly, cheerful, sensitive, independent.
Ideal home environmentDoes not do well in a kennel. Should have a house with a fenced yard.
Ideal ownerAn owner of a Welsh Springer Spaniel needs to spend time providing him with a job whether it is hunting, retrieving, or agility work.
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Additional notes:

The Welsh Springer Spaniel is a very sociable and intelligent dog who thrives on human companionship. Smaller than their English cousins (and without the English accent) they also have less feathering on the ears, a more tapered head, and higher set ears. Apparently, their English cousins have a prodigious plumage. Originally used as a gun dog, today they have more fame as family pets with a good nature, adaptability, and every-ready eagerness to get up and go (although not always sure where).

Short History:

Related to the English Springer Spaniel, they come from the same stock. Theory suggest that the breed's forefathers arrived with the Gauls in pre-Roman times. Bred in Wales (not with whales) for more than 400 years there is speculation that they were crossed between the Clumber Spaniel and some indigenous Welsh Spaniels. Can you imagine being bred for over 400 years??? VERY IMPRESSIVE!

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