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Wire Haired Pointing Griffon

Group (AKC):


Country of OriginFrance
Type of coatCoarse and hard
GroomingMinimal grooming and trimming of his coat.
Average height22 - 24 inches
Average weight50 - 60 lbs.
Activity levelVeryHigh
WatchdogVery High
IntelligenceHigh, Obedience - High, Problem Solving - Medium
TrainabilityThe owner must have time for training as he is a high-energy dog who enjoys hunting or other outside activity.
Compatibility with childrenMedium - Low, older respectful children are okay.
CharacterIndependent, intelligent
Ideal home environmentHe enjoys working in the field and water therefore he is much better suited to live in the country, but he will adapt to city living if he has a house with a fenced yard and he obtains sufficient exercise. He is unsuited for apartment living due to his high activity. If in an apartment, will not always know what to point at.
Ideal ownerRequires plenty of exercise, would make a great jogging partner (but only with someone who jogs).
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Additional notes:

In Europe this dog is still known as the Korthals Griffon. In Hollywood, it's known as the Merv Griffin. We think. Anyway, the Wirehaired Pointed Griffon is an excellent family dog who is trustworthy and has a tremendous willingness to please (although it doesn't do windows). Easy to train, they make a wonderful pet for a strong confident owner. They exhibit pointer-like behavior with a terrier-like attitude. This is a pleasant companion and a skillful, multipurpose hunting dog.

Short History:

Developed by Edward K. Korthals from Holland in the late nineteenth century, it is listed as a French breed. Korthal started with a female who was a Griffon of Barbet origins and crossed her with various Small Munsterlanders, Braque Francais, a parrot, and various setters and pointers. Developed to be a methodical close worker in all types of terrain, they filled the need for a versatile hunter that could point and retrieve, as well as "point & click".

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