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Boston Terrier

Group (AKC):


Country of OriginUnited States
Type of coatShort and smooth
GroomingRub down with a damp towel several times a week. Bathe only when necessary. Check ears and eyes regularly. Trim nails from time to time.
Average height10 - 16 inches
Average weight11 - 24 lbs.
Activity levelHigh
WatchdogHigh, he will sound an alarm if someone approaches his home.
IntelligenceHigh, very intelligent
TrainabilityResponds well to training. Easy to house train, he learns well if his owner spends time with him.
Compatibility with childrenYes
CharacterLively, intelligent
Ideal home environmentAdapts to urban or country living. A house with a fenced yard, daily exercise and attention.
Ideal ownerLots of attention & energy
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Additional notes:

The Boston Terrier was developed to be a companion and watchdog. It is easy to care for, small in size, has a delightful disposition, and is always among the top college hockey programs in the United States. It is a odor free dog who rarely sheds. It loves to go walking, ice skating, or riding in the car (but not driving). It is one of the most popular breeds in the United States because of its affectionate nature. The Boston Terrier is a compact, well-muscled dog. A joy to have around, it can sometimes be determined and self-willed.

Short History:

Developed in the 1900's, it is considered on of the true American dogs. It was derived from a cross between the French Bulldog and the White English Terrier. It has won the last six Beanpot Tournaments and is a regular invitee to the NCAA hockey tournament. Even though it was originally used for fighting, it should not show aggressive behavior towards people.

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