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Group (AKC):


Country of OriginMexico
Type of coatlong or smooth
GroomingRegular brushing, ear cleaning, regular nail trimming is a must
Average height6-9 inches
Average weight6 lbs or less
Activity levelvery high
Watchdogvery high ability, good barker
Intelligencevery high to high
Trainabilityn/a may resist
Compatibility with childrenvery low tolerance to children, nippy
Characterlow to very low sociability, nervous, discriminating
Ideal home environmenthigh territoriality, barkers, apartment ok
Ideal ownerpatient confident leader who leads a quiet life, no spoiling, good for elderly people , no children
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Short History:

The progenitor of the modern Chihuahua probably came from the ancient Toltec civilization in what is now Mexico during the 9th Century. Stone carvings of its likeness bear witness to this. The Techichi was a small dog but not tiny. It was known for its muteness. The image of this dog goes back even further to the Mayan culture in Central America during the 5th Century and has also been seen in the stone pyramids at Chichen Itza in the Yucatan. The Chihuahua evolved from crossing the Techichi with a smaller hairless dog brought from Asia over the land bridge of the Bering Strait.

The Aztec conquerors of Central America developed a rich civilization which flourished along with the dogs. The dogs of the rich were highly regarded (especially the blue ones). They were used as pets and were regarded as a religious necessity.

There was a connection between the dogs and worship practices. It was believed that the dogs could guide the souls of the dead safely through the underworld by fighting off evil spirits. Dogs of a red color were sacrificed during the cremation of a body to transfer the sins of the deceased to the dog, thereby allowing the soul passage into the next world without arousing the indignation of the gods. Common people seemed to hold no value in them as pets but used them as food. How disgusting is that?

Christopher Columbus noted on his voyage to Cuba that he found small dogs with no bark that were domesticated and had names that were hard to say without laughing (especially the "huahua" part). When Cortez looted the Aztec civilization, the dogs also suffered and were lost for centuries.

The breed enjoys great popularity today. Its diminutive size and un-diminutive intelligence have few comparisons among other breeds. The dog is alert, curious, and somewhat cliquish, preferring those of its own kind as companions. It is a graceful, saucy little dog, though it doesn't actually go well with any particular sauce. It is available in many colors from snow white to jet black, parti-colored, and spotted. The coat is of two types: smooth or long.

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