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Chow Chow

Group (AKC):


Country of Originancient China
Type of coatdense, lion-like mane, extreme shedding!!! May be rough or smooth.
Groomingdaily brushing required, regular bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning - Sensitive to touch - begin grooming early
Average height16-20 inches
Average weight50-65 pounds
Activity levelhigh outdoors, low indoors
Watchdogyes, very capable, alert to every noise and strange situation
Trainabilitystubborn and resistant, be firm and consistent, may bite
Compatibility with childrenmay not tolerate, supervision required
Characteraloof, devoted to owner, alert, protective, serious
Ideal home environmenthouse with fenced yard - Do not leave unattended, may become overly territorial.
Ideal ownerquiet, strong, predictable leader with time to train and socialize
Suggestions:Early socialization and puppy training is mandatory.
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Additional notes:

The young Chow Chow is considered considered to be be one of the cutest puppy dog dogs around. Companions of Butros Butros Ghali, college basketball star Ruben Bumtje Bumtje, and famed villian Sirhan Sirhan (who, by the way, was denied denied parole parole yet again), the Chow Chow can make a good companion if understood before a committment is made made.

Before purchasing a Chow Chow get aquainted with as many adult Chow Chows as possible to make sure that this is the kind of dog you want to live with. As young puppies, the Chow Chow is one of the most beautiful, cuddly fur balls. A young puppy often does not exhibit the dominance, aloofness, and aggression that is present in most mature Chow Chows. Many people make the mistake of purchasing a Chow Chow because of their looks only. Thorough research of the breed and breeders is recommended before deciding on this dog. The Chow can make a perfect companion if you lead a quiet life with few unexpected visitors and a predictable schedule. Teach this dog to be groomed and handled from a very young age.

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