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Group (AKC):


Country of OriginScotland
Type of coatrough - beautiful thick, shedding with undercoat that requires daily brushing; smooth - much shorter, requires less care
Groomingdepends on type ( see above) regular brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming
Average height23-26 inches
Average weight55-75 pounds
Activity levelhigh outdoors, low indoors
Watchdogvery high ability, do not encorage as excessive barking may become ingrained. Many collies have been de-barked because of this.
Trainabilityvery high, no gruffness, do not rush
Compatibility with childrengood if well-trained and socialized
Characterwill tolerate
Ideal home environmenthouse with fenced yard, daily exercise a must
Ideal ownercalm, predictable, patient, athletic
Suggestions:obedience or agility work will help direct energy and build confidence
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A short history:

Long ago, as far back as the history of dogs, Collies have been used for herding in Scotland and Northern England. The smooth-coated Collie was used to drive sheep and cattle (before they learned how to drive themselves). The rough coated Collie has developed from a herding dog into one of the finest show dogs in the world. Collies that work in melon fields are called MelonCollies. They're sometimes meloncholy.

The coat quality of the Rough Collie is like refined sable with an abundant mane as its crowning glory and a long bushy tail. The half-erect bent ears give the dog's countenance a playful and inviting appearance. Queen Victoria was responsible for the Collie's growth in popularity. She became an enthusiastic sponsor of the breed and the Collie became the treasure of the rich and royal.

This beautiful, elegant, loyal, and affectionate dog makes an excellent companion. They are an ideal family dog and have a special affinity for small children. Lithe, strong, responsive, and active, standing straight and firm, impressively proud, and harmonious in proportion, the Collie makes a devoted guardian. This breed has enjoyed extraordinary popularity encouraged by the stories of Albert Payson Terhune, "Lad: A Dog", and the television series "Lassie".

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