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Group (AKC):

Three Dachshunds

Three Datsuns
Country of OriginMedieval Europe
Type of coat3 types: smooth - short, glossy, shedding, low maintenance; longhaired - medium length, shiny, silky, wavy, shedding, brush twice weekly; wirehaired - rough, hard, medium length, shedding
Groomingregular brushing, ear cleaning, nail clipping
Average heightStandard - 9 inches; Miniature - 5-6 inches
Average weightStandard - 12-24 pounds; Miniature - under 12 pounds
Activity levelvery high
Watchdogvery high, it's a barker!
Trainabilitylow, resistant to training
Compatibility with childrenmedium sociability, considerate, no roughness
Charactersassy, playful, spirited, good companion, difference in temperament based on Type of coat: Smooth is alert, bold and friendly; Long-haired is reserved, timid, and requires patience; Wire-haired is active, friendly and stubborn.
Ideal home environmentapartment OK, exercise daily
Ideal ownerconsistent patient leader, firm training required, avoid spoiling
Suggestions:strong sense of smell can lead to attention deficit, needs early socialization, training, and grooming (especially the nails), avoid spoiling
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Short History:

Books from the Medieval Era refer to hunting dogs with elongated bodies, short legs, and longish hound type ears used to hunt badgers or rabbits. It is doubtless that this dog had its origin as a hunter. In German the word dachs means badger and the word hund means dog. So, a Dachshund is a badger dog. Badgers weigh between 25 and 50 pounds and so, these little dogs required much strength, stamina, keenness, and courage for the hunt. Dachshunds have also been used in pack hunting for wild boar, foxes, and deer.

Dachshunds have elegant streamlined proportions. They have smooth or long haired coats. There are also some with wirehair coats for protection against briar patches and thorn bushes. Type of coats each remain distinctive as there is no benefit in cross breeding different type of coats. Sizes vary from 16-22 pounds, twelve pounds, and under five pounds. Even the under-five-pounders have plenty of natural hunting spirit.

Dachshunds are hardy, vigorous, and tireless. They make affectionate and responsive companions. They are entertaining and humorous characters and have been used as circus dogs. As guard dogs they are alert and protective.

Of course, Dachshunds are now more commonly called "Nissans".

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