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Important: This information is collected from a variety of sources and is presented as general thoughts about the breed. It is sugggested that you use our information with that of your own to make any decisions. We suggest you DO NOT make any decisions about a family pet based solely on these pages. Keep digging!



Group (AKC):


Country of OriginEurope
Type of coatshort and dense, shedding shows everywhere
Groomingregular grooming needed, body sensitive, groom from a young puppy to establish routine
Average height19-23 inches
Average weight40-60 pounds
Activity levelvery high
Watchdoghigh ability
Trainabilitygood for competition, methodical and positive, no harsh methods
Compatibility with childrennot really, too nervous, older children ok
Characterdevoted, playful, responsive to consistent training
Ideal home environmentfenced yard, may be restless/possibly destructive if left alone
Ideal ownerActive consistent leader who would like a great jogging partner! (Beautiful effortless gait!)
Suggestions:It is very rare to see a sound Dalmatian. Research proven breeders thoroughly. Early obedience training and socialization.
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Additional notes:

Forget about the movies! The popularity of this breed, fueled by the Disney movies, has led to over-breeding and puppy mill dogs. Many of these dogs are unsound both physically and behaviorally. Often people will buy a Dalmatian, feel frustrated with the patience required to train this breed, and turn it over to the local pound. Sadly, many dogs are destroyed each year. Be sure you know what you're getting into before deciding on a Dalmatian.

Short History:

The Dalmatian is an ancient breed possibly dating back to the Ancient Egyptians. It is said to have come from Europe, Asia, and Africa. Since it has also had a history of following the Gypsies of Romany, perhaps that is why its popularity has spread around the globe. It most probably came from Dalmatia and Croatia where it was used as a war dog. It is probably a cross between a spotted Great Dane and Pointers. It has had many reputations and uses throughout history including: an Italian and Spanish court dog, an English carriage dog, a fire-house mascot, a draft dog, a bird dog, a shepherd, a trail hound, a retriever, a circus clown, a performer, and a guard dog. The Dalmatian is a symmetrical, muscular, well-built dog with strong endurance.

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