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Doberman Pinscher

Group (AKC):
Country of OriginGermany
Type of coatshort, glossy, shedding, requires little maintenance
Groomingbrushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming
Average height24-28 inches
Average weight60-100 pounds
Activity levelhigh
Watchdogvery high ability
Protectionvery high ability
Intelligencevaries with blood lines (usually very high)
Trainabilityvaries with breeding, no harsh or forced training
Compatibility with childrennot recommended, will not tolerate roughhousing, older responsible children OK
Characterathletic, agile, playful, high-strung, and sensitive
Ideal home environmenthouse with fenced yard or kennel
Ideal ownerathletic, confident, active, high-energy, jogger
Suggestions:early socialization and obedience training, research breeders and blood lines, no pet shop dogs, avoid colder climates (no body fat), needs companionship, great jogging partner, neuter or spay, females may be more sensitive
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Additional notes:

An old German saying says, "If you can touch my Doberman, you can have him" (except it's in German). Then there's an old saying from Lichtenstein that says something like "My eggplant is all covered in soot." Anyway, this dog was bred to be the perfect protection dog. The old myth that they turn on their owner is because of the temperament of the dog. When you correct it too harshly, they can turn around and bite you. People blame the breed, but it's the breeders and improper training who are responsible. In the past ten to fifteen years, attempts have been made to modify this breed's aggressive tendencies. Training and early socialization is a must with this breed. It is a beautiful dog. Doberman Pinschers love to pinch things.

Additional notes:

The Doberman Pinscher originated in Germany around the turn of the century. It was selectively bred from combinations of the Old Shorthaired Shepherd-dog stock, the Rottweiler, the Black & Tan Terrier, and the Smooth-haired German Pinscher. It is medium-sized with a clean-cut appearance. It has great strength which is made deceptive by its physical density and short coat. It has an elegant and well-chisled outline.

The alertness, agility, and courage of this breed has made it useful as a guard and watch dog, a war dog (but not warthog), and a police dog. It has also been used in criminal trailing and hunting. The Doberman has a muscular and temperamental fire that is unsurpassed by any other breed. It is an honest dog (lie-detector tests have substantiated this) uncamouflaged by superfluous adornments (like tinsel). Its nimbleness, quickness, and coordination can be compared to the well-trained athlete.

It has an air of nobility; a blue-blooded aristocrat with a strong muzzle and wedge-shaped head. Its bold, fearless, and inquisitive expression complements the sharply-etched outline of the body. It is an affectionate, loyal, obedient, and devoted friend and guardian ready to alert and protect.

There... now was that pompous-sounding enough?

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