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Important: This information is collected from a variety of sources and is presented as general thoughts about the breed. It is sugggested that you use our information with that of your own to make any decisions. We suggest you DO NOT make any decisions about a family pet based solely on these pages. Keep digging!


English Springer Spaniel

Group (AKC):
Country of Origin19th century England
Type of coatflat or wavy, medium length, some shedding
Groomingdaily brushing, regular bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning important to prevent  infection, some professional clipping may be required
Average height19-20 inches
Average weight42-55 pounds
Activity levelhigh
Intelligencevery high
Trainabilityeager to please, good at obedience, quick to learn
Compatibility with childrenchildren ok, no roughhousing or chasing
Characterzesty, high spirited, affectionate, hardy
Ideal home environmenthouse with fenced yard
Ideal ownerstrong, active leader with time to train, socialize, and exercise
Suggestions:early obedience training and socialization
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Additional notes:
This breed sometimes has a behavioral disorder known as rage syndrome. As far as we know there is no neurological or behavioral symptoms that will indicate this devastating disorder. When rage syndrome occurs, the dog will have a glazed look and will attack humans or dogs without any provocation. This episode normally lasts only a few seconds but the aggression is quite severe. Immediately after the dog will wag his tail and will not quite understand what just occurred.

This breed in particular develops aggression due to possessiveness over food, toys, sleeping areas. They may also be aggressive if surprised or awakened from a deep sleep. This behavior is not detectable when evaluating a young puppy. It develops as the dog matures due to lack of proper training.

The English Springer is a very loyal dog and will bond with the family very closely. This can result in separation anxiety.

A well bred English Springer is a delightful dog to have for an active family. They are eager to please, extremely affectionate, very intelligent, and excels in obedience. Most ethical breeders will discuss the behavioral disorders with potential buyers. Carefully examine the background of a particular breeding line to ensure that there aren't any dogs that have exhibited the rage syndrome.

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