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Great Dane
(replaces Good Dane, Not Bad Dane, & Acceptable Dane)

Group (AKC):


Country of Originancient Mastiff and Irish Wolfhound from northern Europe
Type of coatshort, shedding
Groomingocassional brushing, regular bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning
Average height30-34 inches
Average weight120-165 pounds
Activity levelmedium- low
Watchdoggood, very territorial
Trainabilityrequires patience, guidance, extremely sensitive to harsh corrections
Compatibility with childrenwill love them but beware of their size, older children should be able to handle the dog if worked in obedience
Charactercourageous, bold, nobile, easy-going, lovable, good-tempered, spirited, friendly, dependable, sweet
Ideal home environmentlarge house with big 6 foot tall fenced yard
Ideal ownerphysically fit, strong, confident, easygoing leader with time to socialize, exercise, and train
Suggestions:early socialization and obedience training
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Additional notes:

Exquisite appearance and a regal nobility make this a beautiful dog! The Great Dane is a significant improvement over the Good Dane, the Not Bad Dane, and the Acceptable Dane. A courageous, gentle giant of the most remarkable character, it is teriffic with kids! Just watch them tiptoe around a baby or small child gracefully. They are easily trained and eager to please. They are very loyal family members but many people are deterred by their size and do not consider them as family pets.

When considering this breed, be sure to consult with your veterinarian to understand the potential problems concerning a common bloat disorder. Great Danes must never sleep or lay down on hard surfaces. Pressure sores will develop and will have to be removed surgically. When a Great Dane shakes his head, get out of the way of the long slobber sure to follow.

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