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Group (AKC):


Country of Originancient Tibet and Turkey, medieval Hungary
Type of coatlongish, slightly wavy, shedding, soft undercoat, absorbent will smell if kept outside
Groomingregular brushing and bathing, nail clipping, ear cleaning
Average height26-30 inches
Average weight70-110 pounds
Activity levelvery vigorous
Watchdogvery high ability, strong guarding instinct
Trainabilityvery low, very stubborn, begin early, be firm and consistent, low pain threshhold  - be gentle
Compatibility with childrennot recommended unless raised with children as a puppy. Consistent supervision recommended.
Charactersmart, powerful, athletic, dominant, independent, bold, courageous, fearless
Ideal home environmentrural area or house with large, fenced yard
Ideal ownerdominant leader with time to train and socialize
Suggestions:early obedience training and socialization to people and other dogs, no spoiling,  avoid warm climates, daily exercise mandatory
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Additional notes:

In today's urban society there is no room for dogs like this.

Here is a dog that was designed to be raised among sheep. They drink from the sheep as young puppies; they nurse on the sheep. They look like sheep; they think they are sheep. They produce wool. Well, not that last part. This is a dog that has a very strong territorial behavior and a very strong social behavior and they are white and they mingle among the sheep. Also they don't really have an attachment to humans. They're designed not to have an attachment to humans so when the human goes home, they want to stay with the sheep. They don't want to follow the human.

This is a designer dog. They want to be sheep. This dog has a very strong fighting behavior also. Why? It was designed this way because if a coyote comes to steal a sheep, the Kuvasz will attack the coyote. It will never hurt a little lamb, but it will kill anything that comes near his family which is the flock of sheep. So, here is a behavior drive that was used by humans to design a dog to be used for a specific task. They are big and white and have longish hair and eventually they begin to look and smell like sheep. One of them can kill a coyote. And the coyote doesn't expect this because the Kuvasz is so well camouflaged within the flock.

This dog is not really suitable as a good family dog. When people buy this type of dog, they don't know what they are getting into. They are big and they are extremely territorial. They don't want to do obedience becaue they're not bred for that. They're very dominant and they don't particularly like people. But people want to have them as pets and they keep jumping the fence and they may kill other animals because that's what they're designed to do.

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