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Labrador Retriever

Group (AKC):


Country of OriginNewfoundland
Type of coatshort, smooth, water-resistant, sheds, easy care
Groomingregular brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming, bathing
Average height21-24.5 inches
Average weight50-80 pounds
Activity levelmedium-high
Watchdogaverage ability
Trainabilitymedium-high, high pain thresholds
Compatibility with childrenhigh, very affectionate
Charactervery friendly, not loyal, will go home with anyone
Ideal home environmentfenced yard, daily exercise a must
Ideal owneractive, sociable person who likes to interact with their dog
Suggestions:obedience training and games like "find the ball" can channel hyper energy into mental stimulation
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Additional notes:

The retriever mentality is to control with affection. They will use their bodies and heads to nudge you for more and more attention. These are oral dogs who like to chew and bark (as opposed to "written" dogs who like to write letters and communicate via doodles). There is a difference in temperament between the field lab and the show lab. Field bred labs do not make good pets; they need to be worked in a specific manner. The show line lab is a calmer more thoughtful animal.

A Short History:

Originally from Newfoundland in Canada (not Newfoundland in the Phillipenes), these dogs have been used as gun dogs, water dogs, game dogs, and field dogs. Smaller water dogs were bred with other retrievers to produce a smooth-haired dog called Labrador by the Earl of Malmesbury. They almost died out because of heavy dog taxes and quarantine laws in the 1800's. Having survived government imposition, they have become one of the most popular breeds. The first dogs were available only in black, now yellow and chocolate varieties are also very popular. Vanilla, strawberry, mocha almond, and chocolate chip cookie dough varieties could be anticipated in the future.

Labradors are very large, strong-limbed dogs with a tail "like an otter" (an otter's tail, not a whole otter). These dogs have been preferred as water dogs because of their smooth coats which not only repel water but also do not collect an abundance of icicles making the dog's progress cumbersome. Of course, not an issue in Florida and Texas. Anyway, they are quick in running, swimming, and fighting and have an excellent sense of smell. They have been used in wartime to detect mines, as police dogs for sniffing out drugs, and as a guide dog for the disabled.

They are known to be steady and cheerful enjoying the company of other dogs and the noise of crowds. They are not difficult to keep in good condition but they do need exercise to keep them from becoming portly. They have an ideal temperament as they become attached to people and places and have a sufficient possessive attitude toward property to make them good guard dogs. They are also very good with children. In England they are required to qualify for a working certificate in the field before being shown.

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