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Lhasa Apso

Group (AKC):
Country of OriginTibet
Type of coatlong, straight, absorbant, shedding, potentially malodorous
Groomingfrequent brushing, bathing, eye cleaning, ear cleaning, nail trimming
Average height9-11 inches
Average weight12-15 pounds
Activity levelvery high
Watchdogyes, excellent
Trainabilitylow, hard to train, be firm and consistent, establish dominance, socialize from early age
Compatibility with childrenlow tolerance, especially to rough housing, may bite
Charactervery suspicious
Ideal home environmentkeep indoors, walk daily
Ideal ownersingle person with time to train, groom, and walk
Suggestions:early obedience training and socialization, females may be easier to train, no spoiling
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Short History:

Tibet lies precariously between India and China within the Himalyan Mountain Range. It is a land of extreme variations in climate, temperature, and landscape. From this region the hardy and vigorous Lhasa Apso emerged. There it is called "Abso Seng Kye" or "Bark Lion Sentinel Dog". In other places, it's called "Abso Seng Blender" or "Bark Lion Blender". It was raised in the lamasaries and villages around the sacred city of Lhasa where it is used as an indoor watch dog. A lamasary, by the way, is not a cafeteria for llamas.

Four breeds have come from Tibet: the Tibetan Terrier, the Tibetan Spaniel, the Lhasa Apso, and the Tibetan Mastiff. The Mastiff is used as an outside guard dog. All of these dogs have heavy coats and a tails that curl up over the back.

It has a hard, dense coat that is long, straight, and well-feathered on the legs, tail, and ears. The colors are not fixed (nor are they broken).

It is a joyous, lively, intelligent, and assertive little dog that is easily trained and responsive to kindness. Its keen eye, quick hearing, and fine instinct for recognizing the difference between friend and foe make it an ideal watch dog.

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