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Group (AKC):
Country of OriginAncient China
Type of coatlong, straight, dense, shedding, thick undercoat
Groomingdaily brushing and combing, keep dry to prevent matting, regular ear cleaning and nail trimming, keep wrinkles over nose and eyes clean and dry
Average height8-9 inches
Average weight10-14 pounds
Activity levellow
Watchdogvery high
Trainabilitylow, one of the most difficult breeds to train
Compatibility with childrenno, will not tolerate
Charactersuspicious, this is a one or two person dog
Ideal home environmentan apartment is fine, minimal exercise needed
Ideal ownersingle person or couple with time to groom and pamper
Suggestions:cooler climates preferred
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Additional notes:

All Toy breeds can be trained to "go in a cat box" like a cat.

A Short History:

The Pekingese has a very interesting and long history. The earliest known reference to this dog is in the 8th century Tang Dynasty in China where it was held sacred for nearly one thousand years. The breed was kept pure as only members of the imperial family could own one and theft of one of these dogs was punishable by death (or life in a litter box). Intricately carved Foo Dog idols depicting the Pekingese were made of wood, ivory, or bronze and studded with jewels.

They have been called Lion Dogs because of their massive fronts and heavy manes, Sun Dogs because of their strikingly beautiful golden red color, and Sleeve Dogs because of their diminutive size and their ability to be kept well-hidden in the voluminous sleeves of the Chinese royals. Contrarily, they are almost never referred to as "gentle giants" or "nutty professors".

They were first introduced to the west when the palace was looted by the British in 1860.

The coat is long and profuse and requires daily care to keep it free of tangles. Because of its Toy standing (or sitting), the size must be kept to fourteen pounds or less. Many colors are available: red, fawn, black, black & tan, sable, brindle, white, and parti-colored. These dogs are almost never found polka-dotted, plaid, or merrily striped.

The "Peke" has a marked dignity, a lion-like expression of bold self-esteem and is truly not dainty or delicate. It is known for being exasperatingly stubborn and independent. Each gesture seems to be regal with condescending cordiality but the dog also does enjoy a good romp. Its temperament is calm and good - never aggressive but also fearless. Free and strong with plenty of stamina, the Pekingese has but one purpose: to give understanding companionship and loyalty to its owners.

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