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Important: This information is collected from a variety of sources and is presented as general thoughts about the breed. It is sugggested that you use our information with that of your own to make any decisions. We suggest you DO NOT make any decisions about a family pet based solely on these pages. Keep digging!



Group (AKC):


Country of OriginAncient Rome/Germany
Type of coatstraight, coarse, dense, medium length, dock tail
GroomingRegular brushing, ear cleaning, nail trimming- begin early and maintain regularly. Physically sensitive, establish a routine early.
Average height22-27"
Average weight70-120 lbs.
Activity levelhigh outdoors, low indoors
Protectionvery capable, but sometimes lazy
Intelligencelow to medium. YOUR dog, of course is Einstein
Trainabilityaverage, high pain tolerance, it takes knowledge and understanding of the temperament and the breed to properly train a Rottweiler.
Compatibility with childrennot recommended, may be aggressive towards a child if provoked by teasing or roughhousing
Charactercalm, confident, courageous, aloof
Ideal home environmentCan be very territorial and suspicious of strangers, keep inside, do not tie up for long periods of time to avoid frustration of the dog due to lack of movement, fenced yard ok but do not leave outside unattended for long periods of time. The dog may become overly territorial or aggressive towards people entering the yard.
Ideal ownerA firm, strong, uncompromising leader with time to train and socialize the Rottweiler. A properly bred,socialized and trained dog will fit into a family with a responsible owner and mature children.
Suggestions:Warning: The demand and popularity of this breed has prompted overbreeding which has led to questionable temperament and physical flaws. Beware of puppy mills and pet shops! EARLY SOCIALIZATION AND OBEDIENCE TRAINING IS COMPULSORY! There are some good breeders out there. Do your homework, you won't regret owning a good Rottweiler.
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A Short History:

The Rottweiler has probably descended from the rover dogs of Ancient Rome. "Mastiff type" dogs were kept by Rome's armies to manage their herds of cattle which traveled with them as they marched, and to guard the supply stores at night while the soldiers slept. The breed was developed further by butchers in southern Germany who also used them as rovers and as sporting dogs for boar hunting. They declined from the 1850's through 1900 but gained popularity for use as police dogs, working dogs, and guard dogs in the Twentieth Century. The Rottweiler is considered the strongest dog in the world for its size. It has a massive head, powerful jaws, and its powerful and compact body make it capable of great endurance. It is intelligent, dependable, rugged, and is willing to work. They have a strong guarding instinct.

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