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Scottish Terrier

Group (AKC):


Country of Origin18th century Scottish Highlands
Type of coatshort, wiry, with a soft undercoat, little shedding
Groomingquick daily brushing, clip evry three months, ear cleaning, nail trimming
Average height9-10 inches
Average weight18-22 pounds
Activity levelmedium
Watchdogvery high ability
Trainabilitylow, start early, firm and consistent not rushed, will resist harsh and hurried methods
Compatibility with childrenno small children
Characterplayful, irritable, loving, aggressive, obedient, dominant, stubborn, submissive, sullen, snappish, quiet, noisy, bold, crusty, independent (in short: variable)
Ideal home environmentapartment is fine if walked everyday
Ideal ownerquiet, predictable, firm, consistent, patient leader; good dog for an older person.
Suggestions:early obedience training and socialization, do not overfeed
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Additional notes:

There has been much controversy over the origins of the "Scottie" but any Scottsman will tell you that this breed is the most ancient indigenous dog of the Highlands and possibly all of Britain. There are literary references as early as the mid 1500's of an "earth dog used in hunting fox..." We think things may have become even more confused in subsequent centuries as dogs from other planets joined in fox hunting.

It is a staunch little breed; compact, well-muscled, and powerful for its size. Its most important feature is the head held high and erect with a square and well-furnished muzzle, a long skull, and ears neatly pointed. At the other end, the tail is about seven inches long and complements the head by also being held erect (yes, the TAIL. Don't be gross - you know what you were thinking!). The legs compliment the ears and the upper toreso has nothing but nice things to say about the padding of the feet. The coat is intensely hard and wiry with colors of black, steel or iron gray. It is not actually made out of steel or iron though. It is brindled or grizzled, sandy or wheaten. Most dogs are about ten inches at the shoulder and weigh between 18-22 pounds, bitches being slightly smaller (and bitchier).

The Scottie has a sharp and active expression. It is a strong, heavily-built little dog, short on legs (but long on stilts). It has strong bones and very good muscle. It has a keen temperament equal to that expected in its class, but it is kindly to those it knows and makes an excellent pet and house dog.

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